Deep Dreams

4 - The three princes and the glory of Allah.

Three princes, their father the king, the most beautiful princess in the land, an old, wrinkled, beautiful witch, and the glory of Allah.


Once upon a time, there were three princes, who were brothers. Their father, the king, told them to go out and find a bride to marry. He told them to find a bride to strengthen their kingdom.

The eldest prince, the king's firstborn, was handsome, tall, and strong. He was a skilled warrior and a charming man, and so he was the first to find a bride. The king was happy and was planning to have a big celebration when the prince came back with his bride.

The middle prince was tall and strong like his elder brother, but he wasn't as handsome. The middle prince was not a warrior like his elder brother, but he was a good man and a good friend. He was looking for a kind and sweet woman to love and to love him in return.

The youngest prince was short, and not as strong as his brothers. He was not a warrior, and he was not a good man like his elder brother. He was a thief and a crook, and he was looking for a beautiful woman who would steal his heart.

One day, the three princes came back to their father, the king. The eldest prince was first, and he told the king that he brought a bride for him. He brought a beautiful young woman. She was dark-skinned, dark-haired, and green-eyed. She was beautiful and radiant, and she was a skilled warrior. The king was happy, but he was not completely happy. He wanted someone who would strengthen his alliance with the king of the neighboring kingdom. He wanted a beautiful princess.

The middle prince was next, and he told the king that he brought a bride for him. She was a beautiful woman and a sweet young maiden. She was a fair-skinned beauty with fine long golden hair and soft milky skin. She was gentle, kind, and all she wanted in this world was to love and to be loved. The king was very happy with his youngest son! There was his perfect bride and a good alliance as well.

Finally, the youngest prince was the last to tell his father, the king, that he found an alliance with a neighboring kingdom, and that he also found his bride. He brought an old and ugly woman. She was wrinkled, old, with dark skin and tatted on her face. But she looked young and soft and her eyes were bright and smiling. Her face was expressive and joyful. The king was happy that his youngest son found a good alliance with a neighboring kingdom and that he also had a bride whom he loved deeply. However, the old and ugly woman was actually an evil witch, who was going to kill the old king soon, and take the powerful ring that the king had in his possession. She plotted to take his throne and his power. She was the best at heart manipulation and deception.

One day, she took the king to go out for a walk. She told him to go out for a ride and hunt for rabbits beyond the border of the kingdom. She told him to bring the ring with him. The king, who trusted her because she was his wife, went and did accordingly.

The witch told him that they needed to stray deeper into the forest, even beyond where they seldom trespass. She said they would catch rabbits and deers that way. But she knew what the king wanted to do. She knew that he wanted to go deeper inside the forest so that he could switch the ring for a horse on a bush where the horse would take the royal ring back to the royal castle and leave it there.

When they were deep enough inside, she asked him to place the royal ring in her pocket. He was surprised at her request but he complied. He wanted her to carry the ring for his petite twisted body. When he placed the ring in her pocket, something astonishing happened. Her gruesome hands and unsightly face transformed into a beautiful and radiant jasmine-like face and snow white hands, beautiful long snow white hair that covered a beautiful long slender back, long slender legs and long elegant white feet. She turned into a beautiful young woman.

The king, who got lost and could not find his way out of the forest, saw her in her beautiful radiant form and he fell in love with her. That instant infatuation caused him to forget every word of repentance. Obviously, he forgot the mercy of Allah. He became lonely, and he lost the way back to his kingdom and he was so enchanted with the beautiful young woman that he forgot that she was his own wife.

When they finally came out of the dark forest and the witch's spell had worn off, she led him back to his kingdom. That was when the king looked at his wife's face. The beauty and glow of her face looked unchanged. He was surprised, and he questioned her. Before he could say something, he fainted. He was unconscious and could not talk. When he woke up, he asked the servants not to leave him alone with her. He sent to her far, far away. He sent her away with a caravan to take her by the gate of another kingdom.

She had her hands tied up and her beautiful long hair tied in bunches with knots, because she didn't want her beautiful long back exposed to men. She also had a thick rubber rope tied around her waist to keep her from seeing or talking to anyone. She had a big blanket over her to hide her beauty from the eyes of men. She had her eyes covered with transparent plastic shields, and she had a padded helmet tied to her head to hide her lovely face from the invading eyes of lustful men and free her from the temptation of clandestine affairs. She looked like an old crazy man ready to die in the wilderness. She looked like an old woman ready to die in a secret place where no one would know her.

Long he never wishes to see her face before him again, he had his faithful couriers take her back to her country and show her to him. They brought her back to the palace and displayed her through the windows of her house, a huge room where dozens of chained wolves and great beetles were normally kept.

When the king saw her thus, he stood on his feet, eager to receive her and open the chains that bound her. He ran towards her, calling her name and saying that the oath is fulfilled. All he wanted was a bite to eat and a bed to sleep on. But instead of a disgusted face, he saw a beautiful and radiant face and sweet smiles. He was frustrated and disappointed. He had been tricked! She had changed her face and her form. She refused to wear her veils.

Her face was beautiful, radiant and smiling. Instead of a kind caring heart and a sweet disposition, she had a dark heart, a dark soul and a dark mind. She was the vilest and the most monstrous woman on the face of the earth. But the king loved her and wanted to be with her, but he knew he had to kill her.

He was a cruel king, and he hated to see her die. So he thought of a way to keep her alive while she was kept in chains, alone, in a room with hundreds of hungry and angry wolves and great beetles.

So he chained her up in her room and he chained up hundreds of angry wolves in the other side of the room. He chained up hundreds of hungry great beetles in another room. He made the room huge so that his wife could move from one side to the other. But he made the window and the doors big enough so that the fierce beasts could move in and out and chase her away. And they lived happily ever after.

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