Deep Dreams

1 - The princess, the fairy godmother, and the chest.

The world's first completely autogenerated sleep podcast that I know of is back with another episode.


"Once upon a time, there was a princess. This princess had a fairy godmother who was very kind to her. However, her evil stepmother was not as kind to her. One day, the stepmother decided to throw the princess into a deep, deep well. She got her into it, and she even pushed her into the well.

The princess cried and cried, but no one heard her. The fairy godmother came to see the princess. She said to the princess: "Don't cry, my dear child. I shall help you." And as she said this, she picked up the princess and put her in a big, big wooden chest.

The princess was relieved, but still wary. The fairy godmother then cast a spell on the chest. The spell made the chest fly up and up and up, high above the clouds.

The princess was afraid, but she could not get out. She was trapped. After some time, the chest landed on the ground. But when it landed, the chest burst open and the princess was free! She could not believe it. The princess was so happy that she jumped up and down.

The princess then went to a cottage and knocked on the door. An old woman opened the door. The princess asked the old woman, who was a good fairy, for a glass of water. The old woman gave her one.

The princess drank the water, and then she told the old woman what had happened to her. The old woman said to the princess: "Don't worry. I will help you."

The old woman then gave the princess a glass with a beautiful liquid in it. The liquid would make the princess look ugly, but she would be able to go into the castle without getting caught. The princess was so happy. She drank the liquid, and she looked ugly. The princess then went into the castle."

The storyteller then paused. He continued: "But the princess was still frightened and scared. She wanted to leave the castle. So she looked for the princess. But she could not find her.

The princess went to the castle's kitchen. She asked the servants for some food, but the servants ignored her. So the princess took some food, and she ate it.

Then, the princess went to the servants' quarters and found some books. The books were old and dusty. They were very boring.

The princess could not sleep, but she could not find her way out of the castle. She went to the old woman's cottage. The old woman was there, and she had some milk for the princess to drink.

The princess was so happy. She drank the milk and then went to the old woman's bed. She slept there and she slept well.

The next morning, the princess awoke. She could not believe that she had slept so well. And she could not believe that she was still alive. The princess went to the old woman's cottage again. The old woman was there. The princess said: "How are you?" The old woman said: "I am fine, thank you." The princess said: "Thank you for your help." The old woman said: "You're welcome. Now, I must go to my garden. I must get some vegetables for dinner." The princess said: "Oh, I will help you." The old woman said: "Thank you, but I need to do it alone. You can help me, if you like." The princess said: "I will help you." So the princess and the old woman went to the garden. They had fun in the garden, and they picked vegetables. They came back to the cottage, and they had dinner. The princess said: "Thank you, but I must go now." The old woman said: "I understand." And the princess went home.

The next day, the princess woke up again, and she went to the castle to fight her evil stepmother. She was a brave princess. She went to the castle and she fought her stepmother. Her stepmother was very strong, but the princess was stronger.

The princess won the battle. She was a brave and bold girl. She was very strong, too. She went back home, and she lived happily."

The storyteller then paused again. He then said: "And that is the end of the story."

The children cheered, and they clapped. The storyteller bowed and smiled. The children went to sleep soon after.

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