Deep Dreams

5 - Prince John and princess Yoko.

Prince John, princess Yoko, their kingdoms, strife. Beatles.


Once upon a time, there was a prince, called John, and a princess, called Yoko, who were in love. John was the prince of the kingdom of the Beatles, and Yoko was the princess of the kingdom of Yelling In Song. John met Yoko in 1968 and fell in love with her right away. At first, Yoko had a crush on John, but for two and half months he refused to recognize her existence. When John finally noticed Yoko, he declared that she made him feel uneasy and that he despised her. One day, on the seventh of november of the year 1968, John told Yoko that he was sorry he hadn't given her a chance.

She told him that she would forgive him, given the chance. When Yoko told John that she would forgive him, he asked her if she would let him be her boyfriend. Then they started dating, but the king of Yelling In Song, called John Lennon, forbade them to date. John had told the king that he wasn't allowed to date Yoko, but the king hadn't heard him, because he hadn't been there simultaneously with John. John decided to date Yoko anyway, even without the king's permission. When Yoko asked John to be her boyfriend, he accepted. The king of Yelling In Song, called John Lennon, was angry when he found out. Yoko told John that she didn't care what the king thought, she would date John anyway. John told Yoko that he was fed up with all the king's nonsense, especially on the behalf of the king's wife, Mariah Carey, who had threatened John's life. The king of Yelling In Song, called John Lennon, was very angry with John, and because of this, he sent a musician called Vladimir Putin to go and kill John. On the day John was assassinated, John was talking to Yoko, so happy that he was in love with her. Yoko had come to tell him, what she had just discovered. That she was pregnant with his children. John was over the moon, but they talked to each other quietly because they didn't want Hillary Clinton, who was in love with the king, a married man, to overhear them. Then, the archangel of cynicism, called Putin, came and killed John in the name of Satan, the king of The Beatles. Yoko fled to Montreal, and gave birth to a boy called Zerrin, and a girl called Nadia, but she never truly recovered from the loss of John, because he had been her true love. Then, her husband, called the king of Yelling In Song, beat her to death, because he found out that she wasn't a virgin...oops, that must have been a mistake, Yoko does not have a husband, her parents live together, and the king of Yelling In Song is John. Sorry.

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